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Chloe Sempere
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Hello! My name is Chloë. I love to create, in all capacities and with many different mediums. However, my focus is mostly painting; playing with acrylic paint, water and salt or other textures. When creating, I respond to intuition, happenstance, and wherever the process takes me. Taking some risks, I act upon impulse feelings, building color and technique on the canvas. The process of creating can be explorative, freeing, playful, releasing, healing, fulfilling, energizing...the list goes on. The drive to create is the nature of my life's purpose, along with sharing the power of creative process with any who are open to gain from it.

It is fascinating to hear what viewers see in my abstract paintings. Their imaginations become apart of the painting's story. I love to share artwork and art making experiences and believe it is important for everyone to have art and the creative process in their lives in some manner.

Also, I really enjoy creating for others, and am particularly interested in doing custom orders. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any sort of creative endeavor.

Browse around and ask if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

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